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Stephanie Raynor Hohol:  Corporate Social Responsibility & Fund Development Executive.

Increase Impact of Corporate Value in the Community.

Corporate responsibility isn't only about how a company spends its money: it's about the impact of the company's value in building a community.


To Stephanie, corporate social responsibility means your corporation have a community-based development approach that is part of the business strategy of their organization.


For her clients, Stephanie evaluates all opportunities in sponsorship deals to maximize the bottom line, and optimize results based on your business's needs - no cookie cutter approaches.


She assesses the company by gathering and examining relevant informaiton about the company and its products, services, values and ethics, key stakeholders, and human resources.  She then creates a long term strategy specifying priority areas.  From this, locate commitments that align and are integrated with the company's business strategy, objectives and everall goals.  Stephanie effectively and firmly guides her clients effectively implements its commitments and meet its obligations and goals.


However, verification and reporting in the success and outstanding issues are important tools to measure whether performance has actually taken place.  Stephanie measures the success of a project by conducting internal audits, human resources and stakeholder reviews.


Stephanie's goal is to give your business tangible and on-going results of sponsorship:


  • supporting operational efficiency gains
  • improved risk management
  • favorable relations with the investment community and improved access to capital
  • enhanced employee relations
  • stronger relationships with communities and an enhanced license to operate
  • enhance reputation and branding.


See Stephanie's interview with Avenue Magazine on what corporate social responsibility means to her:



Avenue Interview



Calgary Mayor's Award for Outstanding Project for the 2014 Downtown Wayfinding Program


Outstanding Corporate Philanthropist with Crescent Point Energy


Named one of Canada's Top Women with Distinctive Women Magazine


Named one of Calgary's Top 40 Under 40 Business Leaders


White Hatter Award for Service Excellence from Tourism Calgary


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"Working with Stephanie was groundbreaking for our association.  Getting us to work and think outside our little box has been great in the sense that we now understand that we don't have to be the big fish in the water to catch some of the big fish," says Cindy Browning of CB Events